Field Recording

DJ sets and live PAs recorded live.

s07e05: BMG at No Way Back 2018

Here we find BMG in his natural habitat — opening up the door to another dimension.

s07e04: Mike Servito at No Way Back 2018

Here we find the elusive Mike Servito in his natural habitat, closing No Way Back in Detroit 2018, always one of the highlights of 313: Return to the Source.

s07e02: Shake Live at Midwest Freaks

Anthony "Shake" Shakir is a rare kind of Detroit Techno living legend - he is an authentic iconoclast.

s07e01: BMG Live at No Way Back - 10th Anniversary

Here is BMG DJing at the No Way Back 10th Anniversary in Detroit.

s06e03: Silent Servant @ Tresor 25, Tangent 2016

Last year at Tresor 25 at the Tangent, Silent Servant surprised us with his request to open.

s06e02: BMG in the Techno Dungeon, 2016

BMG in the Techno Dungeon. Last year we were invited to play Atonal and to do a No Way Back at Tresor. This is a closing set from that very special basement.

s06e01: Carlos Souffront at No Way Back, Tangent 2016

10 years ago Carlos declared that there must be truth in advertising and pushed the original leaky warehouse No Way Back til 5 PM the next day.

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