The Return of IT

Interdimensional Transmissions returns after a 3 year hiatus with a recharged vision. After we released our last 2 records in 2008 (Miami's Alpha 606's IT debut and the conclusion of the Perspects Peopleskills complex), we were unsure of our vision after so many years of doing the label, so much had changed and too much was on auto pilot. We needed to regroup, to find that inspiration to make records that actually mean something, at least to us. So we continued to throw renegade parties in Detroit with the idea of using those parties as a petri dish, to experiment and find new permutations, to forge a new path.

Reclaiming old spaces and transforming them with installations (parachutes, netting, amorphous lighted structures and abstract cosmic spray paint art) and installing major audiophile sound systems have been crucial elements of the underground party system. While the prime hours may be 1-3, the magic time starts at 3 and goes till dawn, when people finally let their guards down and their relationship to the music becomes more pure and ultimately freeing. This is what it is all about. Harkening back to the core of what made our early and mid 90s halcyon days so incredible, but reducing it to its core essence and pushing that concept into the future was our initial motivation.

From these open minded events, we have crafted a new vision. With this vision, we have relaunched Interdimensional Transmissions with a fresh sound and new collaborations.

The first record is out now, a collaboration between Ectomorph's BMG & Liquid Liquid's Sal P "Credit Card" b/w "Eskink", featuring additional guest musicians on both sides. Some of the label's peers, such as Anthony "Shake" Shakir of Frictional have called the record a masterpiece. The record following is the highly anticipated collaboration between BMG & Derek Plaslaiko "Is Your Mother Home?". Next year will include an album from Alpha 606, a debut 12" from Erika and an Ectomorph box set.

We have found our solid focus, and a line up of new records that actually excite us. We are proud to relaunch and share our refreshed vision of sexy-powerful-electronic-organic-dark-party-jams-from-the-left-field with the world.