Video - North Hex

This is a video for "North Hex" from Erika's debut solo LP Hexagon Cloud.

This video is a single live take. Each tone in the song is sent to a different machine, including an array of computers, a WWII submarine oscilloscope, and one of 23 Rutt/Etra video synthesizers, all captured live, including real-time modulations, with the video production mirroring the way you would create music.

This video was created in the dvlab, the video studio of dvdan, by BMG & dvdan. Hand drawn images from Erika are incorporated to represent specific percussion tones. While the Rutt/Etra is usually used to transform scanned human likenesses, dvdan used his intuitive skills to create a unique patch that represents the lead synth tone.

There is no real narrative except what you might create in your imagination. The inspirations are from avant-garde animation (such as Oskar Fischinger) and avant-garde video work from the 20th century. We like to imagine an interdimensional being traveling from their dimension to ours via the gateway within the permanent hexagon shaped storm cloud at Saturn's north pole.

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