Perspects - The Third And Final Report

Everything by Ian R. Clarke (electronics, acoustics, voice, tapes)
Composed/recorded: 11/01 - 05/02
In His Own Words
Statement concerning the Third and Final Report of Perspects
In Desire and Efficiency the warnings were there. It was the soundtrack to our surrender to the uncertain velocities. The point where vigilance falls victim to comfort and the surface suddenly seems more real. Hoverculture was inevitable. Total seduction by surface. Songs became empty signifiers efficiently packaged for consumption. Anesthetic and disassociative, it hadn't entirely worn off when the panic hit. Now the power mad have seized control and are steering us into a crash. Now we are taking hits to the fragile framework of finance and energy that sustains us. Never have we been more aware of our mortality than right now. This is why the Third and Final Report is necessary.
Air of Finality:
The rocker. Out of a menacing, restarting intro emerge goose-stepping synths and bullhorn voices to set the paranoid tone of the album. An analysis of mass quiet panic set to sleazy, eighth-note punch & crunch.
Comfort Gained:
My current favorite. Sparse, eerie synths and claustrophobic vocals record the final moments of a modern man as he decides to capitalize on the acceptance of his fate.
Gimme Panic:
Just what it says. Doomsday disco that suggests a human stampede, and other chaotic descents
The Accumulators:
The popsong. The line: "were accumulating" refers to both consumers losing control and corpses piling up. Subtle differences in the two verses create a cause/effect dialogue that supports this. You can dance to it too.
Perspects : Shouldn't you be paying attention?