s07e05: BMG at No Way Back 2018
Here we find BMG in his natural habitat — opening up the door to another dimension. This set is a psychedelic journey from deep within No Way Back, it is almost so pure it shouldn’t be released, as it accurately portrays those moments of total meltdown and release from within the middle of the party, where the brain lets go and all we can do is feel the vibrations emanating from the speakers and within. This is BMG playing at No Way Back on Day 2 of 313: Return to the Source 2018 at The Tangent in Detroit, starting around 6 am. 


s07e04: Mike Servito at No Way Back 2018
Here we find the elusive Mike Servito in his natural habitat, closing No Way Back in Detroit 2018, always one of the highlights of 313: Return to the Source. It has become a sort of annual tradition to have him close the party, as he balances the light with the dark in such an effortless way. As he played “The Climax” I remember the feeling in the crowd, it was magic. This set is directly after Derek Plaslaiko had finished playing and an impromptu tag team ensued. This set presented here is Mike Servito solo, killing it as he always does.

s07e03: Marco Shuttle in the No Way Back Outer Space Room
In his own words: 
There are a bunch of nights in my career that will stay in my memory forever, and one of them is definitely the No Way Back (unannounced) experimental/ambient DJ set i was invited to play in the Outer Space room on the 27th of May 2018 when I came to Detroit to also play for Movement.
I had previously heard from plenty of people in the game that No Way Back was a very very special night and i was therefore full of expectations… well I can easily say that it went quite a bit beyond them… and I’ve been around in clubs and raves a lot as i’m (unfortunately) no spring chicken anymore...
No Way Back truly has an energy and a magic that is hard to describe unless you experience it… it has something that is viscerally rooted to Detroit and to what this city means for this music and this culture that we all love so much. There is a love and a commitment for this party coming both from the artists, the crowd and the organizers that is very unique, powerful and deep. 
I feel very lucky and honored to have had the chance to give my contribution as an artist to this special night and i’m therefore very pleased to share the recording of my set with you.
– Marco Shuttle

s07e02: Shake Live at Midwest Freaks

Anthony "Shake" Shakir is a rare kind of Detroit Techno living legend - he is an authentic iconoclast. He co-wrote "I Believe" with Octave One for Transmat, was the first Detroit artist to work with breakbeats for his "5% Solution" record for Metroplex / Interface, is on the 1988 Virgin Detroit Techno album, has released on KMS and its subsidiaries, edited the early Carl Craig tunes Psyche "Elements" and BFC "Galaxy" for Transmat and Fragile respectively, won The Electrifyin' Mojo's mix contest "The Mixodrome" while still in high school, and taught Claude Young to DJ before they formed a label called Frictional that Shake still helms. At our March 17, 2018 party "Midwest Freaks" where we celebrated some of the Midwest's finest iconoclasts, Shake delivered a blistering ode to all the edges and possibilities of Detroit Techno.

You can catch Shake at Tresor.313 in Detroit on May 26, 2018, the first day of 313: Return to the Source.

s07e01: BMG Live at No Way Back - 10th Anniversary

Here is BMG DJing at the No Way Back 10th Anniversary in Detroit. After Erika’s set, he played a solo live set composed specially for this party, followed by this DJ set, directly before Patrick Russell took over sometime around 6AM.

s06e05: Patrick Russell Live at No Way Back - 10th Anniversary

Patrick Russell is a rare kind of connoisseur DJ. He is a true practitioner of the art of Midwestern mixing, and here we find him in full glory in Detroit at the No Way Back 10th Anniversary party, sometime around 6am. Melting minds one selection at a time.

s06e04: Derek Plaslaiko Live at No Way Back - 10th Anniversary

This is Derek Plaslaiko going all in at No Way Back - 10th Anniversary this year in Detroit at The Tangent, as the 2nd day of Return to the Source. Here he plays after Patrick Russell and this podcast ends before his impromptu tag with Mike Servito.


s06e03: Silent Servant @ Tresor 25, Tangent 2016

Last year at Tresor 25 at the Tangent, Silent Servant surprised us with his request to open. What wasn't surprising was the result, where he elegantly mixes between every known tangent of his sound so flawlessly that we haven't been able to stop listening to this recording. Pure magic.


s06e02: BMG in the Techno Dungeon, 2016

BMG in the Techno Dungeon. Last year we were invited to play Atonal and to do a No Way Back at Tresor. This is a closing set from that very special basement.

download via soundcloud

s06e01: Carlos Souffront at No Way Back, Tangent 2016

10 years ago Carlos declared that there must be truth in advertising and pushed the original leaky warehouse No Way Back til 5 PM the next day. He has constantly evolved as a DJ, he always plays with great gravitas to whatever the given context. Here we find Carlos Souffront in his indigenous habitat - at No Way Back 2016 in the Ballroom of the Tangent Gallery, playing after Patrick Russell and before Derek Plaslaiko.

s05e02: Mike Servito at No Way Back 2015

Some DJs have the skills to constantly evolve, to always improve, and to take hold of the dance floor from their first record and never let go. Mike Servito is one of those DJs. Here Servito commands the dance at the new home of No Way Back, the entirely transformed Tangent Gallery, on May 24, 2015.

s05e01: Israel Vines live @ BNCC

Israel Vines at the Bossa Nova Civic Club, Brooklyn on Feb 13, 2016, performing a hybrid live DJ set. He will be performing a hybrid set as part of the IT stage at Movement 2016 in Detroit. Check out his latest EP "Gatekeepers" out now on Eye Teeth.


s04e05: Erika at No Way Back 2015

Erika taking no prisoners at No Way Back 2015, the Tangent Gallery (in the Hastings Street Ballroom), playing late at night on all vinyl, bringing that “cosmic warfare shit”.

s04e04: Mark Verbos live at No Way Back 2015

Every year at No Way Back we like to kick the party into high gear with a modular live show from a master of the craft. This year we had midwest veteran Mark Verbos performing with a case of gear he created (and sells as Verbos Electronics) complimented with a 909, a Boss reverb unit, and a 727 because he was feeling that connection to Detroit. So here is Mark Verbos’ inspiring set, transforming the energy of the room and getting the crowd ready for what Mike Servito was to bring. Not only did he devastate the room, but he did so with no preplanning, an entirely improvisational set. Only a true master can pull this off.

s04e03: Israel Vines presents Eye Teeth

In support of the 2nd record on Eye Teeth, Israel Vines RMXD, we have this podcast by Israel Vines himself in ruff mode, representing his vision of Eye Teeth.

s04e02: BMG Eye Teeth launch

BMG’s mix from the Eye Teeth launch party, directly after Erika’s spaced out opening set, before Israel Vines and Karl Meier’s propulsive sets. What begins with building the vibe ultimately transforms the room allowing a portal to the visions and theorems of Eye Teeth to open, where BMG showcases those ideas in a Detroit warehouse party context.

s04e01: Erika opening set for Eye Teeth launch

Erika opens the Eye Teeth launch party with a heady set of mind expanding ritual music. Using three turntables she sets the tone for the evening by mixing beatless drones with dark techno, showcasing the more ethereal side of Eye Teeth.

s03e04: Orphx live at No Way Back Movement 5/25/14

This year at No Way Back, Orphx raised the bar for techno live shows. Mesmerizing, powerful and complex sounds that move the mind and body relentlessly streamed from the duo of Richard Oddie on beats and APC-40 and Christina Sealey on the modular. The room was exploding with energy and this recording just begins to capture that. Movement 2014, No Way Back at 1515 Broadway, Orphx perform after Erika’s opening DJ set and before Mike Servito’s set.

download it here »


s03e03: Mike Servito at No Way Back Movement 5/25/14

Mike Servito's almost instantly legendary set at No Way Back performing after Orphx's extraordinary live show and before BMG, during Movement 2014 at a transformed 1515 Broadway.

s03e02: Erika's No Way Back Movement 5/25/14 Opening Vinyl Set

Erika opens this year's No Way Back with a 100% vinyl DJ set, a sonic journey through the slower side of techno and house, warming up the room for a stunning live PA from Orphx.

s03e01: BMG live at No Way Back Movement 5/25/14 3-4:20AM

BMG performs after Mike Servito and before Carlos Souffront and Patrick Russell surprise tag team at one of the best No Way Back's to date. Deep in the hypnotic groove.

s02e07: Carlos Souffront Live at No Way Back At All 5/26/13 Movement 4:30AM-6AM

Come experience the edge of your consciousness in distorted rhythms and dirty acid. Here is Carlos Souffront playing the prized 4:30 AM slot at No Way Back At All, Sunday 5/26/13 at 1515 Broadway during the Movement weekend, where Carlos fulfilled the promise of his legendary "truth in advertising" set at the original leaky warehouse No Way Back. Vinyl artifacts intact, set includes one record that was stepped on at the first NWB. Set begins with Carlos mixing in the AFX's "Elephant Song" over BMG playing the unreleased Shake Remix of Alpha 606.

s02e06: Carlos Souffront @ Come Feel The Acid (3-03-13) set 2

We have Carlos Souffront, perhaps the true lord of acid returning from the depraved depths of the San Francisco underground to unleash his unique moody vision, killing it in his closing set for IT's Come Feel The Acid party on March, 3, 2013 (3/03). His first set warming up for Tin Man was also stellar, but that pure late night intensity really shines through on this mix. His first song is Hieroglyphic Being's "The Lost Transmission" mixing out of BMG playing Erika's "Tow Ride (Marcellus Pittman Remix)."

s02e05: BMG opening for Moodymann @ TV Bar, 4-16-13

BMG warms up for an unannounced set from Moodymann.

Genre? There is no genre, that's the point. Weekend Lovers special party at the TV Bar on April 6, 2013. It was a birthday party for Mike Fotias' (Foton), co-founder of Burst Audio and Audio Rescue Team, who also organizes all the sound on site for the Movement Fest.

s02e04: Mike Servito @ Samhain XII loft (Nov 3 2012)

Closing the IT Loft Party upstairs at the TV Bar, directly after Erika's debut live set. Servito always says that when a set can't be recorded, then you know it's going to be legendary. We were able to capture this much of his set, despite the ghosts in the machine. We'll let you decide if it's legendary.

s02e03: Moon Pool and Dead Band live PA @ BLACK OUT, NYE 2012

From BLACK OUT, Interdimensional Transmissions' NYE party 2012 -> 2013. Moon Pool and Dead Band brought in the new year with their experimental live techno, after masterful vinyl sets from Bobby Dolo and Erika. The duo pushed the sound system with raw analog electronics, surprising even themselves. With only psychedelic lasers to light the room, they took the party into the beyond...

s02e02: Erika live vinyl mix @ BLACK OUT, NYE 2012

From BLACK OUT, Interdimensional Transmissions' NYE party 2012 -> 2013. Erika played second, between Bobby Dolo's freeform dance madness and Moon Pool and Dead Band's raw analog live show, throwing down a gritty vinyl set full of acid, techno, and creepy house...

s02e01: BMG live mix @ BLACK OUT, NYE 2012

From BLACK OUT, Interdimensional Transmissions' NYE party 2012 -> 2013. BMG closed the show, playing after Mason's bizarre boogie from beyond vinyl set, Erika's insane acid vinyl set, Moon Pool and Dead Band's raw live analog show, and Shake's total turntablism, BMG was faced with perhaps the most handmade IT party yet. So what did he do? He improvised, and I think you can really feel that in the mix. Here are the genre bending results…

s01e03: Claude Young presents the erika.net Skypad mix

It is almost impossible to overstate Claude Young's impact on the development of Detroit Techno and other surrounding scenes (Lansing, Indiana, Ohio, Pittsburgh, and Toronto). It came from his all-in improvisational approach to playing records (what, you're not used to seeing someone scratch with their nose?) and his open and advanced attitude that saw beyond styles, scenes and race. It would be easy to say that he and Derrick Carter were the two most important Midwestern Rave DJs of the 90s, especially in terms of influence on the following generations.

When Claude Young came for Brother From Another Planet and a short US Tour in April 2012, he stayed at the erika.net Skypad. Having been in Tokyo for a number of years, he was quite excited to just hang out and talk about life, watch sci-fi films and listen to music. This mix came from one of those discussion sessions. Made entirely from vinyl that was laying around the turntables at the time, while he concentrated on this view.

s01e02: Sal P, Carlos Souffront & Scott Zacharias

The second podcast in the IT field recording series hails from IT's DEMF party for 2011, Too Far Gone… No Way Back. The concept of Too Far Gone being a more free-for-the-mind music, but still totally lost in it, going from door opening until 12:30, when the party would switch into full gear as No Way Back. We had done this once before at the Tielab loft with Adult. and Perspects, and for this year we enlisted 3 ultra heads to share the decks, Carlos Souffront, Macho City's Scott Zacharias, and Sal P of NYC, Liquid Liquid et al. The place was decked out, the sound was perfect, everything was flowing to be an amazing party when a misinformed task force looking for underage drinkers showed up, netting no one but tragically ending the evening. Thus we call this last 90 minutes of Too Far Gone the only evidence of "the greatest party that never was".

s01e01: Derek Plaslaiko live at No Way Back

Interdimensional Transmissions is proud to launch its podcast with this field recording from our 2010 DEMF edition of No Way Back at the Bohemian National Home, Ukrainian Bar. This has grown to be a legendary party, so far both BMG's and Mike Servito's sets have been cult Bunker podcasts, now Derek Plaslaiko's set finds its release on our debut podcast.

Recorded from 4:30 til 6 AM Sunday Night, May 30th, 2010... the room was packed, the place was going crazy, everyone was lost in the sound.

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