s11e14: Bryan Kasenic at No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2021

For a good while, I did not think No Way Back would be a streaming event for the second year in a row, but as it became clear that was what was happening, I had to start thinking about this set. This was the opening set of the 36 hour stream, which gave me a lot of space to build things up incredibly slowly. There were a few things I knew I really wanted to include like the DJ Plead, Plastikman off "Consumed", the two Kocmoc tracks, and "Untitled #35" in tribute to Jasen Loveland. The rest was just connecting those dots to make it all work. I recorded this in one take by the stream outside my house in the Hudson Valley. I thought I would have shade for the whole 3 hours but found myself in direct sun halfway through as I started recording later than planned. The sun was sort of melting my brain and made the CDJ displays really hard to see but somehow I think it just added to the vibe. Deeply looking forward to finally reconnecting with everyone in 3D space at Tangent this Memorial Day weekend. 
— Bryan Kasenic

Playlist — 
Deradoorian - Rite of Birth - Passage to Atzilut (Self Released, 2019)
Various Artists - No. 9 (Fatcat, 1997)
loscil - Lumina (Kranky, 2021)
Christina Chatfield - Concatenate I (Mysteries of the Deep, 2021)
Seefeel -  Utreat (Complete) (Rephlex, 1996)
Sylvia Monnier - Hors Commerce (Seconds Records, 2018)
DJ Plead - RT6 (Boomkat Editions, 2020)
David Morley & Davy Vandegaer - Uninhabitable Zones (Future Past, 2020)
George Cory Todd - Precisionism (rrao remix) (Atlantic Rhythms, 2020)
Zemi17 - Blessings In Red (The Bunker New York, 2021)
Kocmoc - Lunatetris (Sähkö Recordings, 1996)
Pessimist & Karim Maas - A5 (Pessimist Productions, 2019) 
LF58 - Rituale (Astral Industries, 2020)
Plastikman - In Side (M_nus, 1998)
Konduku - Bulutlar (Mantis, 2020)
Yak - Darunia (Version, 2017)
Orm - Astralingua (LW Productions, 2019)
Mike Parker - Living Colossus (Spazio Disponibile, 2020)
BMG - The Needle (Enisslabs, 2020)
Carter Tutti Void - T 3.4 (Conspiracy International, 2019)
Shawn O'Sullivan - Wrest (Psychic Liberation, 2017)
DJ Nobu - Dualism (Bitta, 2019)
Jonathan Kusuma - Energi Hall (Cocktail D'amore, 2019)
Bambounou - Send When You Land (Bambe, 2021)
Erik Luebs - Melting Synthetics (The Bunker New York, 2021)
Iori - Under The Water (Wata Igarashi Remix) (Kynant, 2021)
Forest Drive West - Dualism (Livity Sound, 2021)
Dubspeeka - Kie (Odd / Even, 2020)
Kaap - Razor (De Lichting, 2021)
Jasen Loveland - Untitled #35 (Unreleased, 2021)
DMX Krew - Vicious Bleebz (Super Rhythm Trax, 2019)
Love Letters  - CMB (The Bunker New York, 2019)
Kocmoc - Kosmoska (Sähkö Recordings, 1996)
Further Reductions - More than just a dream (Knekelhuis, 2020)
VC-118A - Spiritual Machines (Delsin, 2021)

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