s11e08: BMG at No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2021

Doing the streams was an incredible release in a time of social separation, it allowed us to get together and show our growth, changes in approach, changes to body, changes to mind. The catharsis of a No Way Back set allows for a kind of spiritual rebirth. 

There’s been many phases to my approach to DJing technically, but one constant has been combining the love of so many genres and aspects of this music with live production techniques, the mind that comes from creating music combining with the mind of the DJ, deep mixing and recontextualization and of finding ways to unlock codes that release special energy and emotions. 

For this set I combined the Model One and the modular, where I had a special patch set up to create fascinating delays that evolved and changed in ways plug ins or pedals can’t. Using CDJs with the Model One as the mixer, the modular as an effects send, and a Moog delay pedal as the other send, allowed me to shape and control the music in ways that create new ideas that accent the concepts more fluidly. 

A real vivid example of this is when I played DJ Nobu and layered Tina Turner from the then recent documentary “Tina” where she was demonstrating a few Buddhist chants she would do to calm herself down in her tumultuous relationship with Ike, looping those, reversing them with the CDJs and processing them with the modular to make a whole new floating hypnotic piece containing so much deep emotion and thought on such a higher level.

Doing the streams allowed for a really liberating take on the flow of a set, having more time to play a wider array of stuff, and no pressure to keep it all dance floor, allowing for the ability to tell a longer story. Our community is so strong and so thriving on the stream, it felt so special to be able to show so much more of ourselves. 

I can’t wait to bring this energy and perspective to our first in person No Way Back since 2019.  Until then, I’m glad to share this moment of catharsis and transition with all of you, I hope you enjoy and that it helps your brain and spirit soar. 

— BMG 

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