s09e13: Antenes at No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2020

"The week prior to creating this set, I decorated my space and placed my mind inside the powerful and quite honestly life-changing memories I hold of No Way Back; the curiosity, the cavern-like environment, the audio experimentation and boundary crossing evoking responses that vary from wandering honestly and freely inside one's thoughts to the complete obliteration of said thoughts and letting the wisdom of the body perform its work on us.  My intention with this ambient set (all of my sets..) was to create currents, gradually, with just enough whispers and fragments to be subtle guides and invitations for you to imbue the sounds with your own meaning, to add your own messages and experience to the currents.  If there was ever any lesson to myself about how incomplete my work feels without this crucial element, it was the necessity this year to communicate from a distance, via video instead of a real-time space.  And how it felt most complete again when we gathered together virtually in the live stream, being curious, being supportive and present, sharing psychedelic gifs, chatting, laughing and crying!  So there it was - it happened, we connected and transcended the medium.  I will always hold this year's event dear to me for reminding us of what we still have.   Infinite gratitude towards Interdimensional Transmissions and The Bunker New York for being such enablers, to the dedication and brilliance of the artists (and the humbleness in their brilliance) and you!"
— Antenes

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