s01e02: Sal P, Carlos Souffront & Scott Zacharias

The second podcast in the IT field recording series hails from IT's DEMF party for 2011, Too Far Gone… No Way Back. The concept of Too Far Gone being a more free-for-the-mind music, but still totally lost in it, going from door opening until 12:30, when the party would switch into full gear as No Way Back. We had done this once before at the Tielab loft with Adult. and Perspects, and for this year we enlisted 3 ultra heads to share the decks, Carlos Souffront, Macho City's Scott Zacharias, and Sal P of NYC, Liquid Liquid et al. The place was decked out, the sound was perfect, everything was flowing to be an amazing party when a misinformed task force looking for underage drinkers showed up, netting no one but tragically ending the evening. Thus we call this last 90 minutes of Too Far Gone the only evidence of "the greatest party that never was".hjju

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