s09e06: Bryan Kasenic at No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2020

"I have been tasked many times with opening No Way Back. It's quite fun to play with the energy in the room as it goes from empty and chill to full and heaving over the course of my set. This year was obviously very different with NWB being a stream where my set started at noon instead of 11pm. I had been quarantining upstate for months with my friend Otis Mass (Massive Original), and we decided to pair his visuals to my set to do something special with the format. Without any real pressure to get a dancefloor moving, I decided to start things off very slowly and build things up for Mike Servito's set. It is always an honor to be a part of No Way Back, and this year was no different. I was quite impressed with how well the stream managed to translate the energy of what I feel is the world's best party."
— Bryan Kasenic 

"When I was sequestered from the virus in the Catskill mountains with my DJ friend Bryan Kasenic we both thought it was a funny joke to think about putting together Original visuals to his 3 hour DJ set In less than 10 days.  But somehow it turned into reality. Together we curated a mix of new visuals and I combed through my back catalog of footage on hard drives and iPhone footage that had never seen the light of day.  After a few 24 hour marathon editing and shooting days we had a piece that we thought would play well in the background but was still super cool and engaging if you took the time to pay attention. The morning of the official stream I found out  I had lost my friend Giovanni Sorrentino to Covid in NYC.  I Was devastated.  Immediately I knew I wanted to dedicate this experimental film to his memory. I love you G. This one is for you."
— Otis Mass

Track Listing

Head - Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (Buddah, 1970)
Monolake - Gobi. The Long Edit 2020 (Monolake, 2020)
Octo Octa - Hallway Visions (Air Texture VII, 2020)
Donato Dozzy - Let It God (Enisslab, 2020)
Agonis - Eternal Silence (Enisslab, 2020)
RETREAT - Form#9 (Patience Records, 2020)
Jo Johnson - there is no there there (self released, 2020)
J.F. Burma - Tourmaline (Mysteries of the Deep, 2020)
Caterina Barbieri - Clessidra (Enisslab, 2020)
Wata Igarashi - Las Ventanas Abiertas (Enisslab, 2020)
Lack - Machine Club (Livity Sound, 2020)
De Leon - B1 (Mana, 2018)
Redshape - A New Home (Delsin, 2019)
Loop LF - You Wouldn't Understand (Well Street, 2018)
Erik Luebs - (forthcoming The Bunker NY, 2020)
Forest Drive West - Invisible (Mantis, 2020)
Human Space Machine - Rebirth (ÆX, 2019)
Valentino Mora - Hualien (Spazio Disponibile, 2018)
natural/electronic.system. - Marea (Mantis, 2020)
M33 - Reforger 75 (LW Productions, 2020)
Erik Luebs - (forthcoming The Bunker NY, 2020)
Craft - Pursuit of Passage (Monday Off, 2019)
Nathan Surreal - Trunk (ÆX, 2019)
Haruka / Erik Luebs - (unreleased)  
Pizzaboy - Just Stop It (The Bunker New York, 2020)
Maximilian Schneider - K5V (LW Productions, 2020)
Tristan Arp - Double Exposure (Human Pitch, 2018)
Stefan Goldmann - panamax (Macro, 2020)
Cassegrain - Clear Sights (Arcing Seas, 2019)
Newworldaquarium - Trespassers (Delsin, 2000)
Specimen X - Transmission 3 (LW Productions, 2019)
Wata Igarashi - Turbulance (Omnidisc, 2020)
Abby Echiverri - Isospin (Infinite Refractions, 2020)
Radioactive Man - Uranium (Rotters Golf Club, 2000)

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