s01e03: Claude Young presents the erika.net Skypad mix

It is almost impossible to overstate Claude Young's impact on the development of Detroit Techno and other surrounding scenes (Lansing, Indiana, Ohio, Pittsburgh, and Toronto). It came from his all-in improvisational approach to playing records (what, you're not used to seeing someone scratch with their nose?) and his open and advanced attitude that saw beyond styles, scenes and race. It would be easy to say that he and Derrick Carter were the two most important Midwestern Rave DJs of the 90s, especially in terms of influence on the following generations.

When Claude Young came for Brother From Another Planet and a short US Tour in April 2012, he stayed at the erika.net Skypad. Having been in Tokyo for a number of years, he was quite excited to just hang out and talk about life, watch sci-fi films and listen to music. This mix came from one of those discussion sessions. Made entirely from vinyl that was laying around the turntables at the time, while he concentrated on this view.

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