s12e02: Derek Plaslaiko at No Way Back

Derek Plaslaiko at No Way Back May 29, 2022, night 2 of Return to the Source, a weekend at The Tangent. In his own words: “This was our first in-person NWB since before the pandemic hit. So, just that alone makes the whole night special. It was just SO amazing to have everyone in the same room again, going crazy to all these monster sets that everyone played. When I would look out from the stage, you could just see that *everyone* was moving, sweating and/or screaming for more. They were smiling and laughing and just so happy to be around people again. Specifically *these* people. The ones who come every single year and lose their minds alongside everyone else, without even thinking twice if they're going to go to the party, or not. I think everyone *needed* that party, myself included. There's just nothing else like it. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful we were able to do it over the internet during those lonely times, but there really is no proper substitute. And while this might not be the tightest set I've ever played, I think it got the job done. So, enjoy!! :)”


Jam Pony Express - J.P.E. Live
DJ Assault - Dick By The Pound
Posatronix - Shake It
Andy Toth - Temporal Distortion
Andy Toth - Subspace
Eris Drew - Pick ‘Em Up
Olin - Return To Blender
Bileebob - Star Crossed (Derek Plaslaiko Remix)
Shingo Suva - Sheishin (Remote Perception's Target Chicago Mix)
DJ HMC - Phreakin’
Derek Plaslaiko - Cat Call
Daft Punk - Rollin’ & Scratchin’
DJ Andre From Chicago - My Name Is (Derek Edit)
Jasen Loveland - Paranoid Raver Pt. 3 (4AM Curfew Mix)
Acid Pimp - Acid Planet
Acid Pimp - Acid Disinfected
Acid Pimp - Acid Bubble
Acid Pimp - Acid Sucker
Acid Pimp - Acid Fox
Humanoid - sT8818r (Mike Dred Remix)
The Kosmik Kommando - Strobe Chaser 
???????  I can’t remember…. :(
Paranoid London fest Josh Caffe - (VI-VI) Vicious Games (Dub)
Unit Moebius - Tonic
Chip Curtis - Inside Me (Dance If U Want 2)
Olin - 50% Melting
Paranoid London - Suck A Dick
Clan of Xymox - Stranger

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