No Way Back @ Bunker

Launched in a leaking warehouse somewhere deep in Detroit in 2007, Interdimensional Transmissions' No Way Back has become one of our favorite parties in the world. We love it so much that we jumped on board to co-produce the two most recent editions during DEMF, and brought the entire party to Brooklyn for an edition of The Bunker in November of last year. Since The Bunker and IT share the same core crew of DJs, and have such similar taste in, well, almost everything, it only makes sense that we're teaming up to throw No Way Back once again. Instead of booking the most hyped flavor of the month DJs, No Way Back focuses on the best that Detroit and Brooklyn have to offer.
Bringing the event to Public Assembly offers a unique challenge: just what to do with a second room with a full soundsystem in place. No Way Back has always been a single soundsystem event with a controlled environment and we didn't want to have two competing rooms of dance music. After much debate, we decided to get deep and weird with it, and offer you an experimental chillout room. This will not be a space to hear the cliche "chill out" sounds of early 90's rave, but rather to listen to relevant artists pushing the boundaries of what's happening right here and now, presented a bit outside of it's normal performance context. The chillout room disappeared from electronic music events a long time ago, but there are more artists than ever producing deep space head music, and it's pretty much what we listen to all day at The Bunker headquarters.