XIBALBA: The End of TIme

Interdimensional Transmissions and GSHC Present

The End of TIme

Clone, Bunker | Netherlands

Liquid Liquid, 99, DFA, IT | NYC

Ectomorph, IT | Detroit

Ectomorph, IT, erika.net | Detroit

Gary Springs Hunting Club | The Depths of Human Depravity

Rush Hour, L.I.E.S. | San Francisco

DR. DISKO DUST live debut
Ze Dark Park | Detroit

2011 –> 2012

The Mayan Underground
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Sacrifice Yourself Before The Apocalypse Does

Deep from the Mayan Underground comes XIBALBA: The End of TIme. Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe that on Dec 21, 2012, time will cease to exist. Apocalypso. While IT maintains that time has already ended, the Gary Springs Hunting Club posits "can you disprove it?" Destroy yourself before the apocalypse does.

LEGOWELT is the name under which Dutch artist Danny Wolfers releases most of his music. He describes his music as "a hybrid form of slam jack, The Hague electronix, combined with deep Chicago trax, obscure and romantic ghetto technofunk, EuroHorror Soundtracks and a lot more". Initially influenced by early Detroit Techno and Chicago acid tracks, Legowelt moved on to more and more experimental sounds until finally discovering the Bunker Records crew in his hometown, The Hague. He has since released dozens of records under more artist names than anyone could possibly keep track of. One of the finest live shows in electronic dance music.

SAL PRINCIPATO is best known as one of the original members of legendary New York group Liquid Liquid. Actually, calling Liquid Liquid "legendary" is an understatement. Born in the No Wave scene that launched DNA, Lydia Lunch and James Black, and the art scene that launched Basquiat and Keith Haring, Liquid Liquid transformed their original post-punk angst into a highly organic garage funk that freely pastiched everything incredible about NYC and also drew on tribal music (when that meant Gamelan & Pygmy music, not just a sampled conga loop) and trance music (when that meant Fela, PiL, Can, Neu!) making a groove that could resonate in the Paradise Garage to the Zanzibar and all the way to the Shrine. Although they really started from an art-rock background, it was the early club scene that embraced their sound. This is what made New York's music scene so interesting in that era, the division between the avant garde and pop music was fuzzy at best, and collaborations and cross pollinations were celebrated. One of the early Liquid Liquid singles was copied for Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five's massive hit "White Lines", and "Optimo" was played by early visionary DJs such as Afrika Bambaataa, Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Tony Humphries and Larry Levan. Much of the popular "dance rock" music you hear today simply couldn't exist without Liquid Liquid. Sal enjoys experimenting with BMG, finding ever evolving new directions, and elegant but economic vegetarian cooking.

BMG is a founding member of Ectomorph and Interdimensional Transmissions. Brendan enjoys playing Ableton like a video game and making analog equipment growl like an acid motorcycle. His DJ sets combine studio production techniques with his lifelong obsession with Detroit radio mix shows to achieve a truly psychedelic deep listening post-Music Institute post-Music Box post-Music Aquarium experience. BMG has a record out with Sal called "Credit Card" and forthcoming collaboration with Derek Plaslaiko "Is Your Mother Home?"

A straight up music freak sci-fi geek from the streets, one-half of Ectomorph and co-conspirator of Detroit's Interdimensional Transmissions, ERIKA is also a DJ and runs the freeform radio internet radio station, erika.net. From 1993 through 1999, Erika was very involved in WCBN in Ann Arbor, as a freeform and jazz DJ, and Program Director.. In 1996 she was handed a TR-606 and asked to join Ectomorph, and has since become an electronic musician of the highest order, focusing on analog synthesis, live hardware sequencing and depth of tone. March 2012 will see the 13th year of erika.net, which we will be celebrating with her debut solo EP on vinyl.

Let’s be clear — SECRETS is a dirtbag. A dirtbag and a burnout, in fact. Truth be told, the only thing separating Matt Abbott (aka Vacuum and Secrets) from your run-of-the-mill, drug addled, lowlife, redneck, hoodrat motherf*cker is that he is the owner of a laptop computer and a stellar record collection. With these two resources, a good ear, and a brain wired for weird, Vacuum turns out quirky, funky, Techno and House jams, as well as Disco re-edits and the odd yacht rock compilation. Matt Abbott’s got more pseudonyms than can be listed here, is part of 2 shitbag groups (Guys On Drugs and DEATHSQUAD) and has remained a bright light in Detroit’s on-again, off-again, party scene since the mid ’90s as a DJ, live act, and party promoter. Keep Secrets on drugs and out of the gutter.

A descendant from a Bengali aerospace engineer and Cherokee psychic, XOSAR was born in San Jose California, raised in San Francisco and is now residing in a quiet seaside village on the North Sea. Here she spends most of her time wandering through dark forests, channeling the energy of nature and primal forces contained within symbols, and using these energies to produce a sensual and exotic blend of deep Detroit-style techno and leftfield ghost house. Signed for upcoming releases for Rush Hour, M Division & L.I.E.S.

John Ryan is a notorious denizen of the 90s Detroit Rave scene. As a founding member of Spacelings & Bassheads, he headlined many SYST3M shows and even played the first DEMF Underground Stage. In the past few years we've seen him metamorphosize into a DJ and promoter known as DR. DISKO DUST, producing some fine Bankle parties and the monthly Disko Raw. Even more recently he is a core member of Detroit supergroup Ze Dark Park with Ian Clark of Perspects and Ron Zakrin of Goudron, performing their first live show at Macho City, performing before Crash Course in Science or at the MOCAD. Tonight will see a rare live debut performance from Dr. Disko Dust, his first solo show in over a decade, the last one being at dawn at some SYST3M party in an east side warehouse in the late 90s a few hours after Foton almost killed DJ Godfather.