Life On Mars?

The Bunker, Perc Trax, IT | Berlin
Ectomorph, IT | Detroit
IT, Ectomorph, | Saturn
Our special guest from Berlin really needs no introduction in Detroit, as this is his home town, and he had much to do with the scene in the 90s and shaping it in the early 2000s before he took off for NYC to become the resident at the now legendary The Bunker before ultimately moving to Berlin. I suppose living in Berlin probably influences your party endurance and access to new records. I mean, everybody saw his Boiler Room set, right? We look forward to a solid set from this demigod of insane partying, Derek Plaslaiko.
We have procured a special license to stay open until 4AM, and we have a special show planned. The main room of the Tangent will be transformed by Amber of IT, the sound will be a complete audiophile sound system to assist in all night dancing, the bar is open until 2, and there will be a special sci-fi / psych inspired art show curated by NAI SAMMON showing all night, with art from far too many legends of Detroit’s Rock & Roll, Punk, and Noise scenes including pieces by: Davin Brainard, Jimbo Easter, Dion D. Fischer, Amber Gillen, LZR, Kara Meister, Cal Navin, Dalia Reyes, Aran Ruth, NAI SAMMON, Timmy Vulgar, Matt Z. Superficially these seem like disparate scenes, but as curator NAI SAMMON puts it, “punk and techno - both hearts are made of psych.”

10PM - 4AM
21 +
“The IT show depends heavily on volume, repetition and drums. It bears some resemblance to the trance music found in Morocco, which is magical in origin and purpose–that is, concerned with the evocation and control of spiritual forces. In Morocco, musicians are also magicians. Gnaoua music is used to drive out evil spirits. The music of Joujouka evokes the God Pan, Pan God of Panic, representing the real magical forces that sweep away the spurious. It is to be remembered that the origin of all the arts–music, painting and writing–is magical and evocative; and that magic is always used to obtain some definite result. In the Interdimensional Transmissions concert, the result aimed at would seem to be the creation of energy in the performers and in the audience. For such magic to succeed, it must tap the sources of magical energy, and this can be dangerous.”  
— William S. Burroughs