Eye Teeth: The Vision

IT presents an evolution of a new kind of party for its sublabel, Eye Teeth. This time we present the full vision of the label. The night begins with the musically ambidextrous Scott Zacharias laying down a fresh vision of the roots of what we do meanwhile weaving his groove in-between the live shows.

We are having some early live shows from a few female visionaries. The first is the ever inventive Viki Viktoria, with roots in the Michigan noise scene and having toured with Adult., who will be presenting her current vision of a melted face version of quadraphonic techno. Erika will follow, fresh from a season of Ectomorph shows, with a more experimental show that will include all the sides of Eye Teeth, from ambient to hypnotic audiophile analog techno, electro and beyond.

From the ashes of her set, BMG will rise to focus the vision with a DJ set, transforming the party from a more freeform electronic vision into an active dance floor scene. The night will conclude with the sublime sounds of LA’s finest - Silent Servant, who gave Israel Vines an incredible remix for Eye Teeth 2. The thickness and mystery of his sound will be highlighted by an audiophile sound installation from Jim Gibbons of AVS and space transformation by Amber of IT.

This night will give a new perspective beyond the hype and stereotypes and get back to what matters about this music. Freedom of the mind and of the ass.

09:00 Scott Zacharias (and in between live sets)
10:30 Viki Viktoria (live)
11:30 Erika (live)
12:30 BMG
01:30 Silent Servant
EYE TEETH information

Eye Teeth, the new techno sublabel of Interdimensional Transmissions, launched with an EP from Israel Vines. We started this sublabel as way of exploring pure and experimental techno in an entirely contemporary context (where IT often uses historical lenses and a wider musical context). This is Techno from Detroit and America, not Detroit Techno. We would like to see American Techno evolve, and this new imprint is an attempt to be a catalyst in that arena.

TEETH-1 & 2 will be available at the show.