I.T. Radio: Karl Meier

BMG catches up about influences with the American selector in Berlin – plus, a DJ set from BMG recorded at this year’s Berlin Atonal.

Karl Meier is currently based in Berlin, but it’s not the Midwest native’s first move overseas. In the early 2000s, he decamped to Birmingham to work with another Karl – Karl O’Conner, AKA Regis – on Integrale Distribution. The dark, edgy electronic music that drew him abroad remains close to his heart – you can hear it in the music he makes with Johnathan Krohn as Talker and in his solo DJ sets, with explore the aesthetic with eyes turned equally toward past, present and future. BMG paid Meier a visit during a recent visit to talk about his influences. Also from Berlin on this episode: a recording of BMG’s DJ set at this year’s Berlin Atonal.