I.T. Radio: T.B. Arthur

BMG tracks down the ultra-mysterious acid abstractionist for a rare interview, plus a DJ set from the Fantasy, AKA BMG and Scott Zacharias.

In 2014, a pair of records purporting to be long-lost test pressings popped up at Berlin’s famed Hard Wax record shop. There was a phone number with a Chicago area code and the name “T.B. Arthur” scribbled on the label, but neither detail pointed toward any Windy City artist anyone had ever heard of. And the music – slinky, heavy, impossibly psychedelic – sounded a bit too self-aware to be believed at face value. A handful of further “archival releases” later, the mystery isn’t really any closer to being solved, but that’s not really the point of Arthur’s sit-down with BMG during the second hour of this month’s Interdimensional Transmissions. We suspect you’ll leave with more questions than answers – though the interview sheds some light on Blotter Trax, the new collaboration between T.B. Arthur and Magda, whom BMG introduced to one another at the Record Time shop back in Detroit some years back. During the first hour, catch a DJ set from the Fantasy, AKA BMG and IT’s space disco secret-weapon Scott Zacharias.