No Way Back: Selectors Edition



Patrick Russell


Interdimensional Transmissions brings No Way Back to LA with a special incarnation of the party: the selectors edition. This special focused edition reflects what began in an abandoned Detroit building with a leaky roof and an audiophile sound system, where we had a 12 hour party with only 4 DJs, allowing each selector to extend themselves. For this event, it will be the full transformation of the space, and only 3 DJs with 3 hours each, so each can extended their sounds and dive even deeper.

Every DJ chosen to play at No Way Back is a master of their medium, so deep in it that they all serve as constant inspirations. This is a celebration of the lost art of the late night Midwestern DJ. If you don't understand the touchstones of this party, it might be impossible to explain. It is a comment on a continuum. This is our generation returning to the source, feeling a freedom and a heat within the music that results in speaker fucking. Every generation experiences this whether it was at The Loft, Better Days, The Gallery, The Warehouse, The Shrine, Cosmic, Luomos, The Muzic Box, The Hacienda, Area Code 313, Spanky's, Medusa's, The Music Institute, or Berghain. You might not even know that you have soul until you experience being totally lost in the music and realize there is no way back.

Come with us as the lost angels walk the night...