I.T. Radio: Scott Zacherias

No Way Back’s secret weapon talks inspirations and holy grails with BMG – plus, a slinky, Italo-laden set from Detroit’s Jeffrey Sfire.

If you’ve attended Interdimensional Transmissions’ infamous No Way Back party during Movement weekend in Detroit, you may have witnessed something incredible transpire in the front room around dawn. Over the course of a few hours, what begins as a continuation of the cosmic chillout vibe that’s been reigning over the space all night transitions ever so subtly into a full-on Italo afterparty, coaxing exhausted ravers back to the dancefloor for one final push. The guy manning the decks? That’s Scott Zacharias, a close affiliate of IT and a true DJ’s DJ. During the second hour of BMG and Erika’s monthly broadcast from Detroit, the former sits down with Zacharias to share some incredible records, from Buchla-laden psychedelia to funky Brazilian pop. At the top of the show, hear a set from Jeffrey Sfire, another Detroit DJ with a big bag of disco records, recorded live in the Motor City.