I.T. Radio: Marco Shuttle

An Italian master of psychedelic techno drops by our Detroit studio with a deep mix and a dig into his discography.

If you like your techno abstract, immersive and exploratory, then you’ve likely stumbled across the oeuvre of Marco Shuttle. Born in Treviso but now based in Berlin, Shuttle worked his way into the electronic music world while studying fashion design at London’s Central Saint Martins. Over the last five years, a string of productions for labels like Time To Express and the Bunker New York have established him as one of the club world’s craftiest soundmakers. He recently made a pilgrimage to Detroit, where Interdimensional Transmissions masterminds BMG and Erika invited him by to talk shop and play some music; he delivered a heady techno set, of the sort he’s taking on tour these days, and highlighted a selection of his own studio work as well as releases from his Eerie label. It’s a fine introduction to one of techno’s most sonically arresting artists. Starting things off is a slinky-slow, appropriately trippy mix from Erika.