I.T. Radio: Dave Shettler

The Moon Pool & Dead Band member presents some of the finest cuts from his era-spanning collection of psychedelic electronic records.

Dave Shettler may be best known in experimental music circles for Moon Pool & Dead Band, his techno-leaning collaboration with Wolf Eyes founder Nate Young. But the Detroiter is also a respected rock drummer and prolific record collector, one whose tastes might be described as fairly far-out. When Interdimensional Transmissions’ BMG and Erika approached him about coming on their bimonthly radio show, he pitched a wide-ranging, era-traversing DJ set encompassing new age, musique concrète, library music and ambient, along with techno and house. It’s shaking up to be another psychedelic two-hour broadcast block as only IT can deliver, live from our studio in downtown Detroit.