I.T. Radio: Geoffrey LaRue

A record head who burrows deep into disco, soft rock and sleaze, the Detroit selector shares his unique musical mind with BMG and Erika.

Detroit breeds a certain kind of advanced music head, obsessives who dedicate themselves to making esoteric connections between obscure records and criminally under-appreciated styles; Geoffrey LaRue is one of them. He is an artist in many forms, with a profound narrative sense, but for this episode of Interdimensional Transmissions, we meet a deep music nerd with a brilliantly wry sense of humor — he describes his record-collecting sweet spot as the meeting point of disco, soft rock and sleaze. Outside of Detroit, the only real chance to sink into his sound so far has been via SoundCloud mixes, his sunrise sets at the annual Honcho Summer Campout (to those lucky enough to attend) or his set at Buttons at ://about blank in Berlin during Christopher Street Day this year. BMG and Erika are thrilled to present this unique musical mind, live from our Detroit studio.