I.T. Radio: Chris & Cosey

BMG and Amber dial up the pioneering industrial duo to discuss collaboration and the long shadow they cast over underground music culture.

In the history of experimental electronic music, it’s hard to think of two musicians who have worked together as long and made as much of a massive impact as Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti, from their groundbreaking work in Throbbing Gristle to forming Chris & Cosey, from solo work to collaborations such as C.T.I. and the project with Sleazy as X-TG. In this interview conducted over the phone between their UK home base and Red Bull Radio’s Detroit studio, we cover the recent Eurorack release of Carter’s Gristleizer and its history; Cosey’s stellar book Art Sex Music; the recent reissue of her solo work Time to Tell; Carter’s upcoming album Chemistry Lessons Volume 1, his first solo release in 17 years; and Cosey’s comments on the #MeToo movement. We also delve into their history of collaborations with Sleazy, including how he was named, and the impact of their song “Gardens of the Pure” on the development of Chicago House via Ron Hardy playing it at the Muzic Box.