I.T. Radio: FIT Siegel

The Motor City mover and shaker behind FIT Distribution and tracks like “Carmine” discusses techno bootstrapping, live from Detroit.

FIT Siegel is a self-made man in the mold of many Detroit greats. Jettisoning the bike courier service he’d started in favor of creating his own record distribution company, FIT Distribution, Siegel created opportunities for himself, and the many homegrown labels he’d take on. With guidance from UR’s Mad Mike Banks and Omar-S, he found success producing house music featuring his own live instrumentation. He started his own label, FIT Sound, in 2010 to maintain complete control over his music, the art adorning it and to featrure esoteric music by other artists he wanted to see in the world. And with his 2015 track “Carmine” becoming a veritable underground hit, the name FIT can be spotted on lineups worldwide. On this episode of Interdimensional Transmissions, Siegel joins BMG and Erika for a live broadcast from our Detroit studio in advance of Movement 2018.

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