I.T. Radio: Anthony "Shake" Shakir

Live from Detroit, one of the city’s most undeniably original producers and DJs details his singular approach and staying true to his sound.

Everything Anthony “Shake” Shakir puts his hands on ends up sounding rather alien. Unlike many of his peers in the first wave of Detroit techno, Shakir is fond of sampling, though the way he twists and splices source material often leaves it unrecognizable. His beats under the name Da Sampla or simply Shake lurch and distort like they’re chemically unstable, making for thrilling listening experiences and some rather nervous DJs. It helps that much of his music is released on his own Frictional Recordings or Dan Bell’s 7th City imprints, friendly territory for unusual sounds. His own DJ sets are similarly volatile, although no less charming and enjoyable for the bumps along the way. So while Shakir has been making and DJing dance music since techno got its name, his lower profile allows him to stay true to unique sounds as undefinable as they are essential for fans of electronic music. On this episode of Interdimensional Transmissions in the lead-up to the 2018 edition of Movement, Shakir joins BMG and Erika live in our studio.

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