I.T. Radio: Solvent

The Toronto-based musician and label head drops by to discuss his obsession with synth-pop and some upcoming film projects.

Solvent (AKA Jason Amm) and the Interdimensional Transmissions duo have reconvened in Detroit, and Erika starts things off with a Solvent-inspired mix. Later in the episode they examine the pioneering work of Soft Cell, Depeche Mode and the Human Leaugue, along with a slew of obscure, self-released cuts inspired by these groups. These raw and crass — or as he puts it, “blatantly electronic” — tracks have informed Solvent’s own musical style, his record label, Suction, and his newer passion for filmmaking. Learn about the process behind the modular synthesizer documentary, “I Dream of Wires” that he produced, and the new film projects he has in the works.