I.T. Radio: Detroit-Berlin Connection

The organization’s Angie Linder and Walter Wasacz chat about the two techno capitals and their long history of musical exchange.

The city of Berlin has a special place in the story of Interdimensional Transmissions. Back in the ’90s, a chance encounter with a DJ at Tresor led BMG to visit Mark Ernestus’ legendary Hard Wax record store for the first time, an experience he says inspired him to focus his life on techno. As Red Bull Music Academy celebrates its 20th anniversary in Berlin, this week’s episode explores the long history of musical exchange between the two cities, from Iggy Pop’s legendary Berlin period to the Tresor label’s early championing of Underground Resistance. BMG and Erika are joined by Detroit Techno Militia cofounder Angie Linder and veteran music journalist Walter Wasacz, president and vice president of the Detroit-Berlin Connection respectively, to talk about this shared heritage and the nonprofit’s work advocating for Detroit’s night economy and fostering collaboration between the two techno capitals. The episode opens with a 30-minute mix from Erika.