I.T. Radio: The Story of Eye Teeth with Craig Gonzalez

Get to know Interdimensional Transmissions’ American techno imprint, highlighting producers who are pushing the genre forward.

Interdimensional Transmissions is a label with deep reverence for the musical subcultures of the past — and an even deeper affection for the music history of Detroit. But with the imprint Eye Teeth, which they launched in 2015 with an EP by Los Angeles-based DJ Israel Vines, BMG and Erika have set out to highlight some of the best American techno that is being made right now, with a special emphasis on the producers who are pushing pure and experimental techno forward. On this week’s episode, they share the story of the label and the some of the philosophical questions that were on their mind when they started it. “Techno is not the music of the future,” BMG says. “It is the music of utopia, our dream of what we hope the world may evolve to.”

In the first hour, Erika shares a mix of some of her favorite new techno music; in the second, Detroit DJ and Midwestern master mixer Craig Gonzales delivers a set comprised exclusively of Eye Teeth material, including tracks from KGIV, Pascal Hetzel, Altstadt Echo, and remixes by Silent Servant, BMG and Jeff Pietro. Tune in for the world debut of music from Israel Vines’ 2019 album, And Now We Know Nothing, and an accompanying remix by CUB, the duo of Regis and Simon Shreeve.