Tresor Detroit

The future is, in some sense, just the sum total of our collective imaginings about it. In this way, the potential of the future is always bound up with our memories of the past and our anxieties about the present. Our experience of time is like a two-way whiplash that propels us unsteadily forward into the future, just as it flicks us from this future back into our own communal history. 

At midnight, on March 13th 1991, a Berlin basement door was opened that has remained open to this day. On that date, behind that door, a space was created where this whiplash flicked back and forth in time to a rhythm, building night after night a history that was also a vision of the future. A vision soundtracked by Detroit. 

Celebrating this 28 year connection is to celebrate a kind of joyous double-vision - a way of feeling connected as much to the history of an institution that brought two cities together, as to its unexperienced future. An ecstatic vertigo that binds you to the people around you, to those that have danced before and those that will dance in the future. The light at the end of the long Tresor tunnel is a signal. This is our future. This is our place.


May 25
Return to the Source — Day 1

Tresor Detroit 
10PM - 8AM

Mark Ernestus
Regis + Veronica Vasicka
Claude Young – live / DJ hybrid show
Daniel Bell – sunrise set
Orphx – live
Wata Igarashi
Marcellus Pittman
Bill Converse