Midwest Freaks 2

Erika x Noncompliant

As the IT Winter / Spring program moves into the rites of Spring, we continue at Tangent with “Midwest Freaks 2”. Midwest Freaks celebrates some towers of Midwest Sound System Culture. Hailing from Indianapolis we have none other than their top iconoclast — Noncompliant, pairing with Erika for full devastation. Stretching the concept a little we are including Toronto in our Midwest story, with 2 visionaries from Hamilton, the monolithic Orphx performing live on modular, gear, and computers. Their live shows are always different, improvising and finding new sounds and paths through it, so that it always feels fresh. Support from the renegade BMG. To complete the tribute to the sound system culture that birthed this, we will have a full venue transformation by Amber Gillen & crew. Sound by Jim Gibbons / AVS.

21+ with ID