I.T. presents Mike Servito

Mike Servito


Out of the ashes of the last scorcher, we rise again. Continuing with our spring series that leads to Return to the Source, our April offering is pure fire. It’s always a pleasure to have No Way Back resident Mike Servito at the helm, expect a ferocious attention to detail, irresistible grooves and an array of bitch slaps. Debuting his new live show, we have Ectomorph and IT founder BMG on the modular and Model 1 with a brand new modified TR-606 known as the 608. Erika will create the context with her powerful approach, and all the way from Chicago, Lorelei will set it off with her siren call from the underworld. The vision is constantly changing and ever improving, so we look forward to the surprises Amber Gillen & crew will provide of atmospheric design in infinite dimensions, and the audiophile sonic towers will be courtesy of Jim Gibbons AVS. 

21+ with ID