Rites of Spring (2024)

Marco Shuttle x Erika
Duck Trash

The Rites of Spring continues our series that leads to Return to the Source. For our April event, we continue evolving and recontextualizing the space, reimagining this edition of the Rites as a one room party focused on the remodeled Gallery, fully exploring that space and dialing it in. Spring is a time for transformation, and exploration of both inner and outer space, to that end we’ve focused our selectors of sound on those that best help conduct this experience. Italian born and Berlin based Marco Shuttle has long been part of the IT family, having played our stage at Movement in 2018, the Outer Space Room at No Way Back, our last Detroit party before lockdown among others. The connection is strong and has blossomed into b2bs with Erika, exploring liminal space through a fluid unpredictable musical dialog. They’ve done these sets at Berghain, Tresor 313, they’ll be doing one in NYC the night before this event. We are very excited to present Hodge – hailing from Bristol, UK – in Detroit, as we think he is a flawless fit for the late night experience here – effortlessly blending house, techno and post jungle sounds into a perfect storm on the dance floor. We can’t wait to see how he transforms the room’s energy. IT Founder and RTTS curator, the Detroit based sonic visionary BMG will meld lightning and thunder into a new music form for the Rites of Spring, and Duck Trash will find new shapes and juxtapositions with sound, going beyond all boundaries in their deep exploration. The room transformation will find new perspectives via Amber Gillen and her Infinite Dimensions crew, what they create will have to be experienced to be understood. Full audiophile sound from Jim Gibbons / AVS providing a cocoon of sound. Going from 9PM until 5AM at The Tangent.  

21+ with ID