Adam Arthur

Adam Arthur is a strange creature, an obsessive analog fetishist working from isolation in the remote hills of Arkansas. In the 2000’s he cut his teeth organizing warehouse parties in Memphis, Tennessee with his best friend and collaborator Jackson Lee. In true southern style, they threw raves in a dangerously decrepit warehouse by the railyard with no electricity and no running water. Adam soon began making the annual pilgrimage to Detroit for the festival and in 2012 his planets aligned. That year he experienced his first No Way Back and the following October he made the journey to Berghain. Adam was charged with a dark energy and returned to his studio in the woods to begin hoarding synthesizers and sound equipment. The seeds of his sinister style began to germinate and in 2014 he released his first track on Jackson Lee’s Mystical Disco. 2016 saw the launch of his own label, Danger Close, as well as a release on Larry Heard’s Alleviated Music. Soon after, Adam played his first international live set at Video Club in Bogota, Colombia. All the while he continued to acquire arcane gear and progress in his studio knowledge. Themes of desire, guilt, and forbidden indulgence emerged in his sound and continue to haunt his music. Techno isn’t just party music for Adam. It is a spiritual guide for approaching and confronting one’s inner demons. The question is, what will you do when you meet them?