Ectomorph - Masonic (Live)

Recorded the night of Nov 30, 2018 at what was billed as a Detroit Secret Location, you had to call an info line to get the address. The party was in one of the many disused Masonic temples located around Detroit, this one is best known in this city as The Salon, with DVS1, Ectomorph live, Scott Zacharias and an ambient room with David Shetler playing live and DJing all night. This was a very special show for us, we got to set up for over a month, so the sound was dialed in perfectly, and IT’s resident artist Amber Gillen had many weeks to set up, rather than the typical 5-8 hours, so it was a complete installation and transformation of the space. This was the thickest sound and most beautiful wood floor we ever had the pleasure of blessing with far too much bass, carefully set up by Jim Gibbons and his AVS crew. Jim was so thrilled with how it turned out, he mastered his recording of that night, and since we can’t share live music with you in person now, we will share his rendering of that vision.