Pervocet - Acid Series Vol 6

This is the final dose of Pervocet. Pervocet is the brand name of the psychedelic music project from Patrick Russell and Jasen Loveland and is used to induce moderate to severe psychosis. The short-term effects of Pervocet last approximately 5-7 minutes and include Neighbor, Rawlo, L0V3 S1R3N, Phazy Susan and — in some people — a pleasant euphoria.

This is one of many projects featuring Jasen Loveland aka Andrew Smith aka ∞ that IT will continue to release in honor and memory of him and his incredible and prophetic musical vision, showcasing his many Infinite Refractions. This project had begun years ago, and was finished with such care and precision by Patrick Russell that we are proud to release Pervocet 2 in sync with our annual No Way Back gathering in Detroit on May 29, 2023. 

Pressed at Archer Records, Detroit.

Distributed by Clone.

Colored vinyl available exclusively on Bandcamp.

Written by and Produced by Jasen Loveland and Patrick Russell.
Published by Interdimensional Publishing (ASCAP).