s07e03: Marco Shuttle in the No Way Back Outer Space Room

In his own words: 

There are a bunch of nights in my career that will stay in my memory forever, and one of them is definitely the No Way Back (unannounced) experimental/ambient DJ set i was invited to play in the Outer Space room on the 27th of May 2018 when I came to Detroit to also play for Movement.

I had previously heard from plenty of people in the game that No Way Back was a very very special night and i was therefore full of expectations… well I can easily say that it went quite a bit beyond them… and I’ve been around in clubs and raves a lot as i’m (unfortunately) no spring chicken anymore...

No Way Back truly has an energy and a magic that is hard to describe unless you experience it… it has something that is viscerally rooted to Detroit and to what this city means for this music and this culture that we all love so much. There is a love and a commitment for this party coming both from the artists, the crowd and the organizers that is very unique, powerful and deep. 

I feel very lucky and honored to have had the chance to give my contribution as an artist to this special night and i’m therefore very pleased to share the recording of my set with you.

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