s09e04: Mozhgan at No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2020


"For Mozhgan's inaugural set at No Way Back, we used her magic energy to bridge the power of the Patrick Russell wild and heady wormhole experience with the undefinable freeform sleaze of Scott Zacharias, who began the Outer Space room. Her vibe is deep and mysterious, playing the music at a slightly slower tempo than others which just adds to the mesmerizing nature of her grooves, and highlights a profound emotional connection to the music. A perfect addition to the sound."  

"Mozhgan coming after Patrick Russell meant only one thing, coming out of a wormhole and back into the light of day.  Knowing her penchant for being an alchemist when it comes to making older tracks sound fresh and new, I wanted her wormhole exit to be full of electricity.  Using a photo Amber sent me of light hitting water, I used that with the soundwaves and hi-hats to create lightning like stabs to bring our viewers from the depths of oblivion to the dreamy sleaze of Scott Zacharias."
— Andrew Charles Edman

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