s09e05: Scott Zacharias at No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2020

“For Scott Zacharias’s No Way Back: Streaming From Beyond set we asked him to bridge the 24 hour continuous NWB into the Outer Space room, coming on directly after Mozhgan’s deeply mesmerizing set. At the physical event, No Way Back has 2 rooms. The No Way Back room, and the Outer Space room. Scott has a unique function unseen anywhere else in the world, coming on at dawn in the Outer Space room after a night of ambient and experimental music, taking an audience that is often laying on the mats on the floor in a blissed out state, and elevating them first in mind, and then in body as he channels his own freeform take on the sleaze tradition. He starts formless and then begins to bring in compelling and psychedelic gems, inching the tempo up so slightly over the course of many hours until the whole floor is pulsating in an under 110 bpm heaven. After nights of major psychedelic experiences, this allows for a kind of mental freedom. This is so crucial, the weekend is a marathon, and you come in to hear Scott to be recharged, it is food for the mind and soul, as he goes from ambient to everywhere you need to be. For the stream, we asked our favorite dharma bum to do this in reverse, since it was a one room stream, starting with NWB and ending in Outer Space, he began with the deep groove and slowly disintegrates it into oblivion, leaving you in Outer Space as only he can. We asked for a 3 hour set and got 4 hours, and we couldn’t edit one out, it's just too pure.”

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