s09e09: Farplane at No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2020

“No Way Back is a very meaningful event to us and we were humbled at the chance to be a part of it. Playing virtually, it was most important to us to keep the feeling of being in Tangent Gallery in mind. NWB conjures a deeply contemplative mindset that we tried to channel. The quintessential experience for us is leaving our bodies through sound in the Outer Space room — given the controls temporarily, we played with us lying on that floor in mind.”
— Farplane (sold & Hi-Vis)



"Farplane was the last performance that I did visuals for during this Livestream and though I didn't know of Sold and Hi-Vis before, they were one of my favorite sets.  I gained a new perspective on music and visuals as their wavy, off-kilter dreamscape filtered through my tired mind.  I had tried to achieve a similar look on many visual artworks throughout my career but this was the first time I felt like I expressed the feeling of my psychedelic vision.  The color pallet and their songs just seemed to melt together, creating a tone unseen in my work to date, but incorporated since."


Track Listing

Susumu Yokota - The Art of Contemplation (Lo Recordings)
Robert Turman - F-berg (Cejero/Actual)
Xth Réflexion - 10 (Aught/Chained Library)
Christoph De Babalon - Opium (Digital Hardcore Recordings)
Xth Réflexion - 08 (Aught/Chained Library)
Echium - Adaptive Senses (Sferic)
Vladislav Delay - Six (Detroit Underground)
Low Flung - Oud Clay (Time Dub) (Bandcamp self-released)
Boreal Massif - Weather in August (Pessimist Productions)
Bookworms - nguished (full version) (Bandcamp self-released)
LXV - Tunneling (Bandcamp self-released)
Mura Oka - Log In Oct 13 (Latency)
Best Available Technology - Spectra (Slumdiscs)
Dots - Dense (Ambient Abstract/AtomTM_Audio_Archive)
Mosam Howieson - Spiral 7 (Further Records)
Chaperone - Zen Hangover 1 (Always Human Tapes)
Seraphim Rytm - Andromeda 3 (Bandcamp self-released)
Experimental Audio Research - All Things Being Equal (Dekorder)
Shuttle358 - field (12k)
Aleksi Perälä - Level 12_060 (Colundi)
Emeralds - Planetarium II (Tapeworm Tapes/Bandcamp remastered)
Rrose - Undergrowth (Eaux)
Sendai - Apopads (Editions Mego)
Jon Hassell - Picnic (Ndeya)
Jake Muir - Silent Sailing (Sferic)
Steve Roach - The Future Flows From Here (Projekt)
juneunit - ntr (Jacktone)
Yugen Disciple - First Sighting (YOUTH)
Forest Management - Ripple Effect (Boudoir)
Bellows - E128 Untitled 1 (Entr'acte) 
Donato Dozzy - 12H.12 (Presto!?)

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