s09e10: Eris Drew at No Way Back Streaming From Beyond

“I picked-up a lot of interesting records on tour in 2019 with the intent to share them for the first time at Tangent in 2020 at our yearly gathering. I spent the days before NWB listening to these records and thinking about which I felt were most powerful to share in that moment of missing you all. As I prepared I thought of what I would have played if we were all together in that room, the system tuned for our intentions. 
The night of the recording, Octa, Q and I built a little homage to the event in the basement of the cabin. I ate mushrooms. And I played the records too loud. The selections were meant to reflect my evolving take on the NWB sound. As usual my interest in genres is mostly in trying to blend them, so this mix is an ecstatic collage of electro techno post-dubstep hip-house-informed psychedelic turntable chaos and breaks. 
Watching the stream live with so many of you meant a lot to me. It’s hard to put into words how much I would like that experience of togetherness right now. 
Thank you to all who watched live including those who donated, your support was extremely generous. It made me feel more secure during a truly difficult time. I am happy to supply the names of any tracks people don’t know.”

— Eris Drew 

"It all came down to this. To complete the first day, I had to bring everything together while also bridging into Patrick's visual set.  I started subtly, but as I became affected by Eris' often relentlessly enthralling set, I couldn't stop hearing Kathleen Harris' voice saying "a beautiful storm of harpsichord notes that were moving and dancing with an apparent individual and collective will." I took that inspiration and multiplied the entire frame into the void of the left side. The wormhole was opened and from it, leaped inspiration.  Combined with photos of netting Amber had taken at No Way Back's prior, I let the music and visual feedback create its own spiritual forms."

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