s09e11: Israel Vines Catalog Mix


In essence, I’m considering this mix as an end to the beginning of my work as a recording artist. This marks the closure of my first decade of producing music, and my 25th year as a DJ. I wanted to make a solid mark in the here and the now to give myself the space to shed some skin and look completely and entirely forward. The album is its own personal benchmark, and this mix – which includes my entire discography thus far – places the last ten years of production projects under one solid roof where they can live together forever. It was important to me to include the collaborations, remixes, and remixes of my songs by other producers that have been such an integral part of my work to this point. Gratitude and respect to all parties involved in each of those sonic escapades.

Below is an alphabetical listing of the songs included in the mix - some in their entirety, and others stripped to their bones and rearranged for a fresh look. As my friend Ken told me at the beginning of the project, this was the only way to guarantee that the end result would be a mix that only I could make.

So far, so good, so what? Enjoy irresponsibly.

— Israel Vines / December, 2020



Mastered by Jim Gibbons / AVS

Remix, remixer, and collaboration credits included parenthetically.

Afterever - (Original and LP Versions)
Afterever - (Ken Meier Remix)
Blue Octavo - (KGIV)
Come As The Reaper And Thus You Will Sow - (Death Abyss remixed by Israel Vines)
Convex Reality - (With Ken Meier)
Depth - (With Jeff Pietro)
Divide - (With UNLTD)
Ersatz - (Altstadt Echo Remixed By Ken Meier and Israel Vines)
Everything Nowhere
From Fragments (KGIV)
Gardeners (Erika remixed by Israel Vines)
Gatekeepers - (Instrumental and Vox Versions)
Heavy Up (Slight Return) - (KGIV)
Indictment - (Silent Servant Remix)
Mockingbird - (KGIV)
Mockingbird - (Remixed by Jeff Pietro)
Morgan - (KGIV)
New Science - (KGIV)
Nosedive - (Original and LP Versions)
Nosedive - (Remixed by Ectomorph)
Oscillate - (With Jeff Pietro)
Path Correction
Path Correction - (CUB Remix)
Perpetual Perpetual
Popular Decisions
Rage Appropriate - (Original and LP Versions)
Rage Afterever - (Further Reductions Remix)
Reclaim - (With UNLTD)
Reflective Surface - (Attentat remixed by Israel Vines)
Regulatory Capture - (KGIV)
Relapse - (BMG Version)
Rendering Intent - (KGIV)
Rendering Intent - (KGIV remixed by Talker)
Repose In Dub
Shallow Pursuits
Steamroller - (Justin Ivey remixed by Israel Vines)
The Three - (SAF remixed by Israel Vines)
Tone Approach
Tower 9 - (Stave remixed by Israel Vines)
Tri Polar
WWKD - (Karl and Jon’s WWKAJD Talker Remix)
WWKD - (Silent Servant Remix)