s11e12: Mike Servito at No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2021

NWB weekly podcasts continue with a jacking otherworldly set from Mike Servito — featured as part of No Way Back: Streaming From Beyond 2021. As the unknown loomed so large for all of us in the last of our major streams, Servito brought a graceful power of mystery to the grooves he laid down. 

In his own words: "I was always fond of otherworldly sounds, alien textures, and musical escapism. Acid has always been a sonically, alien interaction and a greater part of the musical fabric of No Way Back for me. The main objective was simply to get lost in the groove." 
— Mike Servito

Paddee - Transparencies From The Outer Regions
Bill Converse - DX Overdrive EQ
Air Liquide - This Is Not A Mind Trip (Intro/ Loop)
Surgeon Meets Vice - Creeper 
Marcus Mixx -  Do You Love Me (Say Yes)
Mark Broom - After Sunrise
Gene Hunt - Get Freaky
Bill Converse - Medium Rare
DJ ESP & Josh Wink - Stairway To Headphones (Keek Mix)
Pierrot Premier - Unauthorized Acid
Sharif Laffrey - 6am (Deviation)
Love Letters - Who Was Driving (Dub 0.2)
Bochum Welt - Phon
Khan & Walker - 31m 9500-9900 kHz
HMC & Thee - Magnet
One In A Billion - Thanks A Lot
B12 - Attempt Too (Live 2006)
Dolby A - Knack
Armando - Uhaceeid
Dimensional Holofonic Sound - This Is Acid
Sweet Reinhard - Stille Hände
JTC - Innerloire Rendezvous
Unit Moebius - Sunday (With SP23)
Gizz TV - Untitled A2
Traxx - Down 2 House
Jordan Zawideh - No One (Gay Marvine Edit)
Cratebug - Work My Body (Edit)
Woody McBride- The Waves
Jammin Unit - Wanna Get Loose
Jared Wilson - Morning Acid
DBX - Phreak Yo Body (Intro/Loop)
Nail Presents: Sentipede - 313151
Philus - Acidophilus
DJ Pierre - Box Energy (Intro/Loop)
Mike Ink - House Arrest
A Guy Called Gerald - Nasty
Man Ray - We’re On It
Sysex  - CR Acid Trax 1
DBX - Phreak Yo Body
Itom FM - French Accident
Essit Musique - Essit Musique 1
Gherkin Jerks - Din Sync (Get Up & Do Your Thing)
Love Letters - Calling All Morse
Jammin Unit - Give The People What They Want
Traxx - Body Control
Cratebug - Acid Train
Gary Martin - Take Me (Strung Out Mix)
DJ Deeon - Wicked
Gary Martin - Take Me (Strung Out Mix - Intro/ Loop)
808 State - E Talk
808 State - C.I.S.

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