s11e16: Jasen Loveland at No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2021

Andrew Smith aka Jasen Loveland aka infinity was the embodiment of the spirit of No Way Back and Return to the Source, his energy, his neon colors, his front and center nature was such a core element of these parties. In 2019 he showed up to the party with a shirt he ordered off the internet that was a collage of all these pictures he had done of the Interdimensional Transmissions logo, it was so over the top, no one could stop talking about it. The statement was so clear, he was here, and he was all about this. During the night almost every DJ played some of his music, I remember Derek Plaslaiko playing 5 of his songs that night. He was floating on air, I bumped into him on the dance floor and he was just glowing. It was like he was having a private concert of his own music with a few thousand friends. It was pure magic. 

He became a part of these parties, creating art for them. During the streams and after I had lost my father, he made sure to call me all the time and check in. That really meant so much to me. We’d have long incredible discussions, sometimes very spiritual. When the first streaming No Way Back happened at the beginning of lockdown, he made these over the top animations for us of the shirts and products we were making. They were a hit in the stream and some are still on our instagram. 

When we lost him only days before the 2021 stream, it was too much to process. Anger, sadness and just that incredible loss of a true head and magic spirit. So we broadcast this set he had recorded for Miguel Senquiz only a week before, and had Andrew Charles Edman process the video. A patch he created for Touch Designer was used for his and many videos in the No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2021 broadcast. He was and always will be an integral part of what we do, and here we remember him with this video and mix, and have dedicated all of Return to the Source 2022 to him. Forever Jase.

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