s12e06: BMG at No Way Back 2022

Here is BMG at 9AM at No Way Back 2022, bridging the sounds after Erika and directly before Mike Servito, who was closing the party afterwards. In his own words: “It’s a very special time of the party, the sun has come up and there is total mental and physical freedom. Performing in this in-between time with 4 CDJs and a Model 1 with a Moog Delay pedal for effects is an amazing dream context, the first No Way Back after the lockdown. This time of night allowed me to explore all the sides of the power of being spaced out and feeling the thunder of the music, bouncing between genres and melding a new sound system music that references sonic hypnosis and liberation in its so many forms, something that could only happen at No Way Back. To be in this space together and sharing this new era together just felt totally magical, I felt cleansed afterwards, the set really reflects these feelings in the moment. Highlights include the world debut of Neel’s “Disco Quarantine”, Gay Marvine’s edit of “On the Run” by Pink Floyd, Ron Hardy’s edit of the Trammps “Soul Searchin' Time (Check Out Your Mind)”, new and upcoming music for IT.” Mastered by Jim Gibbons of AVS. 

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