October 31, 2002
Ann Arbor
The Sound of Fear
Ectomorph, Wolf Eyes, Carlos Souffront
September 14, 2002
Dirty Brown and Miserable World Tour
Legowelt, Orgue Electronique, TLR, Schmerzlabor, BMG, Fortune 500
July 25, 2002
Ann Arbor
Electro Clash Sucks
BMG, Danse Asshole, VIKI, Infinite Dimensions
May 23, 2002
Oak Park, MI
Karaoke II: Electric Boogaloo
Derek Plaslaiko, BMG, Brian Gillespie, Todd Osborn, DOW & NASDAQ, Rob Theakston, John Ryan, Rotator, Dykehouse
April 15, 2002
Ann Arbor
DIY Or Die
BMG, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Wade, Slik, Time 88
October 31, 2001
Ann Arbor
Stare Into These Eyes
Ectomorph, DJ Godfather, Carlos Souffront
February 14, 1998
Love From Beyond
Sluts n Strings & 909, Soul Oddity, Ectomorph, Spacelings & Bassheads, Keith Tucker, Le Car, Patrick Pulsinger, i-F, Shake, Rotator, Will Web, DJ Godfather, Carlos Souffront, Dr Attaman