s10e08: Lauren Flax at Samhain XX

“I worked through a lot in these 2 hours. While my mixing may have been a bit shaky at times, it was honest and mirrored my spirit trying to find hope amidst some difficult darkness. I really used these 2 hours to explore more styles and sounds to try to find unlikely friends, of course always channeling the midwest. Being able to record these streams at Good Room has been critical. They really stepped up for us, giving us a home to work through that dance floor therapy we’ve all been stripped of over the last year. While it's never easy to look out to an empty dance floor, I have personally felt like these sets are placeholders for us to fill these rooms again. Whether playing or watching these streams, they have been essential for me as an artist and ultimately as a family member of our underground community.” 
— Lauren Flax



D.F.X. — Ghetto House (Version 1)
E. Myers — Untitled (Unmixed)
Roe Deers — Monkey Dance (Original Mix)
Roe Deers — Down_Low_Original_Mix
Lauren Flax — untitled
Floorplan — Baby, Baby (Original Mix)
Mike Dunn — Coal_Mine_Extended_MixX
Will Hofbauer — Count Me In
Jesse Perez — Interracial Booty Calls (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
The Prince Of Dance Music, L.B. Bad — The True Story of House Music (I'm So Alone)
Vin Sol, MATRiXXMAN — Nocturnal Emo
Tyree Cooper, Vin Sol — It's House (Original Mix)
Paranoid London, Mutado Pintado — Eating Glue
P. J. Swerve — Gimme Mo'
N.Y. House'n Authority — Ravenswood House
Rondelle Adams — THE DRAGON
BETON — Keep Breathin feat. DJ Deeon (Original Mix)
Spinstyles, Sofa King Evil — Work Dis (Gettoblaster Remix)
DJ Godfather — Work That M.F. (Original Mix)
OG DJ Milton — Southside Beat Down (Gettoblaster Remix)
Radio Slave — Silent Witness (Original Mix)
P. J. Swerve — Break Yo Back (Southside Mix)
DJ Slugo — Telegraph It
DJ Ze MigL — Tight Retro (Truncate Edit)
S-file — Things Have Changed (Mark Broom Remix)
Anthony Rother — Stellarator (Original Mix)
Versalife — Manifold (Original Mix)
The Advent & Zein Ferreira — Defend Your Planet
D. Strange — Loaded
D. Strange — 01 GENESIS
Assembler Code — Line Of Sight
Chrissy — Give U XTC (Baronhawk Poitier Remix)

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