Samhain XX

Streaming for 30+ hours

Eris Drew
Forest Drive West
Wata Igarashi
Danny Daze
Azu Tiwaline
Lauren Flax
Clark Price
David Shettler

Join us as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Samhain with a weekend of full immersion at our favorite time of year with a dream line up. 

If the world is going to burn, this is what we want to hear, who we want to be surrounded by. Thank you so much to every artist for sharing your art and musical vision. And thank you to Jim Gibbons for mastering all the forthcoming audio, and Andrew Charles Edman for the psychedelic visuals and all the art layers from Amber Gillen. And thank you to The Bunker NY for hosting the stream. Samhain is the original recurring party for Interdimensional Transmissions, long before No Way Back, celebrating the origin point of IT. 

BMG on Samhain:
"It's the Celtic holiday that Halloween spawns from. It was the loop point, the new year. Ancient people dealt with grey areas in strange ways, the change between years caused this loose period existing between the end and beginning. This is where it gets interesting: they believed dimensions were colliding in a sort of interdimensional crosstalk, where the planes of the living and the dead were touching, so the dead could walk the earth. A way to convene with your ancestors, and a great reason to burn fires and scare your friends and neighbors. There's way more to it, most of it can't be written, it can only be felt, which is usually elusive but somehow easy at this time of year."

To contribute:
Venmo: @ithqdetroit