s10e10: Solar at Samhain XX

“Preparing for Samhain XX was quite a surreal experience as we were heading into the dimming days of the year during the darkest times of our generations. I was asked to play a 3 hour session that listening back on reflects the powerful feelings and emotions of those anxiety ridden times. The set sort of moves through 3 parts: the first is being sucked down the rabbit-hole, the second portion moves into the chaos and disintegration, and the final section is a deep inhale/exhale and a glimmer of hope. This might be a way to approach it for those not inclined to listen to the full 3 hours. On that note it’s not all doom and gloom and I had some fun sneaking in some odd balls and a few samples in honor of All Hallows’ Eve. 

In such times of solitude and inner-reflection these special moments like Samhain XX gave us a sense of community and togetherness even though we were all worlds apart. Thanks to all involved for creating this sanctuary in the eye of the storm.”

— Solar

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