s10e13: Sepehr at Samhain XX

“Like others have said - this moment in time was really difficult being the first winter in the thick of the pandemic. Feeling like a never-ending vortex of bad news, isolation and despair, this event couldn’t have come at a more necessary time for me. Not having been able to express myself through music in such a long time and given this opportunity gave me a feeling of electricity. Decking out a living room with black netting and even carving a pumpkin with the IT logo, I wanted to actually be there mentally. 

Putting together this live set was a huge honor and task for me. IT parties have had such a huge impact on my sound as an artist, I felt an ecstatic amount of inspiration that had built up over the years and I wanted to capture the relationship of the midwest freak techno sound to my own and come up with a storyline of all the influences meshed together. At times it's simultaneously chaotic, scary, pretty, fun and psychedelic. Listening back this is definitely the soundtrack to the weird shit that plays in my mind all the time. Take a ride and enjoy, we’ll all be together soon.

with love,

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